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The City of Fullerton offers public parking in the Downtown area. Effective July 18, 2019, parking at select locations between 9PM and 1AM on Thursday, Friday, Saturday through Sunday 1AM will require a $5 parking fee per vehicle. The City continues to offer free parking during the remaining hours.

Patrons can pay to park in one of nine lots or two structures in the heart of Downtown. Free parking is offered as an alternative, a short walk away.

Payment Information

Pay at Kiosk

When parking, please remember your plate number. Look for signage to help identify the nearest pay station, and follow the onscreen directions to enter your plate number and select your payment option. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted at the payment kiosks.

For questions or problems with the kiosks, please call 213-247-2970.

Pay by Phone with Parkmobile

You can park in any space that requires payment by using the Parkmobile app on your smartphone. With Parkmobile’s app, paying for parking takes just a few seconds, and there is no need to pay¬† at the kiosk. Look for the zone number on the signs and follow the directions in the app.


Payment is due upon entry into the parking facility for users arriving at or after 9PM on Thursday – Saturday.
No. Only those arriving at or after 9PM are required to pay.
No. The kiosks will generate a receipt for your records upon request. The record of your payment is recorded by your license plate number.
The Employee Parking Permits are a separate program for day time users. They allow employees who park in the yellow spaces in time-limited lots and structures to be exempt from the associated 2- or 3-hour parking restriction. The time limits – and the benefits of the permit – end between 4PM and 6PM depending on the location. Employees (and others) who arrive before 9PM are not subject to payment of the $5 fee. Enforcement staff surveys the lot to identify pre-9PM parkers. You do not need to do anything to register your vehicle.
Short-term parking spaces are available for food pick-up/delivery needs as well as others who need to make a quick trip into a business. No payment is required to park in the short-term parking spaces, however, parkers are subject to the posted time limits.
Payment is only required for those entering the structure on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights between 9PM and 1AM through Sunday 1AM.

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For more information on the Paid Parking Program, click here.

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